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Pilot Car Escort

Pilot Car | A- Plus Pilot Car

A pilot car is one of the easiest and most stress-free ways to guarantee the safety of a large, heavy, or wide semi-truck...

Oversize Escort | A- Plus Pilot Car

Sometimes a single pilot car just isn’t enough to safely transport a large load. If you need additional vehicles to accompany...

Pilot Car Escort | A- Plus Pilot Car

A pilot car escort can provide you with an excellent combination of services to accompany your large or oversized cargo...

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If you are planning to move a large or oversized load in the Medford, OR area, there is only one company to call - A- Plus Pilot Car. With years of experience providing pilot car, oversize escort, and pilot car escort services, we are the safe and reliable choice.

At A- Plus Pilot Car, we believe in providing the very best in customer service. We work tirelessly to meet and exceed our client’s expectations and have built our reputation on reliability and our many customer referrals. Serving the local Medford, OR area, we understand the needs of the community and strive to maintain high standards of excellence in all of our work.

Safety is paramount in all that we do and that’s why we are the leading provider for pilot car, oversize escort, and pilot car escort services in the Medford, OR area. Our pilot car service is ideal for a variety of hazardous situations. Whether you need a guide vehicle for a construction zone or for leading a larger vehicle safely along its route, choosing an A- Plus Pilot Car vehicle or escort will guarantee your safety and the safety of those around you.

Our oversize escort vehicles are ideal for semi-trucks that need assistance and guidance. With an oversize escort, you can rest assured that any road hazards are identified well in advance of an oversized truck or trailer. Additionally, other cars and trucks on the road will be alerted by the convoy’s arrival, allowing them time to adequately adjust their driving for a wide-load flat bed or other heavy haul truck.

With a pilot car escort, your dangerous load or oversized vehicle can move swiftly and safely along any road or highway. By pairing the benefits of a pilot car with a full escort, the vehicle driver will have complete awareness of the conditions surrounding them, allowing for greater control over the truck or oversized load. With a fully equipped pilot car escort, your convoy will have all the tools they need to make it safely and securely to their destination.

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