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When moving a large, heavy, or wide load, safety is the first concern. From the safety of the vehicle’s driver to the surrounding vehicles and their passengers, you need to be sure that you can transport your cargo securely and with minimal risk. A pilot car, oversize escort, or pilot car escort is the ideal solution for ensuring everyone’s safety. A- Plus Pilot Car in Medford, OR is the premier local provider of all pilot car and oversize escort services.

At A- Plus Pilot Car, we believe in offering the best in service and customer assistance. From start to finish, we will work with you to arrange the ideal pilot car, oversize escort, or pilot car escort for your transportation needs. With a fleet of impeccably maintained vehicles, you can rest assured that you will receive only the finest service.

All of our drivers are licensed and certified and have years of experience in the pilot car, oversize escort, and pilot car escort service industry. We maintain liability insurance to cover any unexpected issues or accidents and guarantee that your cargo is protected. In all of our work, we treat your cargo as if it were our own so you can rest assured that your truck will get to its final destination safely.

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