Oversize Escort

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Oversize Escort - Years Of Experience

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Sometimes a single pilot car just isn’t enough to safely transport a large load. If you need additional vehicles to accompany a long, heavy, or extra wide cargo transport, A- Plus Pilot Car has your oversize escort solution.

At A- Plus Pilot Car, we believe in providing the safest and most affordable oversize escort service to the Medford, OR area. With years of experience in the pilot car and oversize escort industry, we have built our stellar reputation through repeated excellence in service.

You may need an oversize escort if your cargo contains:

Construction Machines - If you are transporting awkward and heavy construction machinery such as cranes, backhoes, and front-loaders, you will need the safety of an oversize escort.

Construction Elements - From bridge beams to generators to windmills, an oversize escort will guarantee that these extra-long or extra-wide elements are transported safely.

Pre-fabricated Homes - A pre-built home will often extend beyond the dimensions of a standard semi-truck flat bed. With an oversize escort, you can ensure that the transported structure does not pose a danger to the transporting driver or other vehicles on the road.

For any oversize load, an escort can prove to be a crucial component for safe transportation. The escort is there to assess any risks on the road ahead, allowing plenty of time for an unusually sized vehicle and its load to make adjustments for safety. Surrounding drivers will also be able to make clear decisions about how to accommodate the larger sized vehicle, making the road safer for everyone.

To learn more about the benefits of choosing an oversize escort for your next heavy or wide transport, contact A- Plus Pilot Car.