Pilot Car Escort

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Pilot Car Escort - Ensure Safe Passage

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A pilot car escort can provide you with an excellent combination of services to accompany your large or oversized cargo transport. Having all the benefits of a pilot car paired with the security of a larger escort convoy, you can relax and know that everyone on the road will be able to travel safely.

Some of the duties of a pilot car escort include:

• Warn transporting truck of dangers ahead
• Make other drivers aware
• Assist in managing traffic when needed
• Provide appropriate signage
• Carry emergency equipment

If you are shipping an oversize load that is unusually high, a pilot car escort may be necessary to ensure safe passage. The lead pilot car can operate as a guide for the transporting truck, making the truck driver aware of any low clearance areas ahead.

It is also important to have a complete pilot car escort if your cargo is wider than usual. While these loads are transported in flatbed trucks and other heavy haul trucks, they may pose a danger if their parameters infringe on other lanes of traffic or extend beyond the usual range of the transporting vehicle. Having a pilot car escort will alert other drivers on the road about the risky vehicle and allow them to adjust their navigation.

Another service that our pilot car escort provides is a “height pole car” for taller loads. This allows the lead pilot car to adjust a telescopic pole to match the height of the oversize load, allowing ample time to anticipate any clearance issues.

For the safety of everyone on the road, choose a pilot car escort from A- Plus Pilot Car for your next oversized shipment.